Comfort, peace and privacy are the keywords that characterize the recreation WATERFRONT Apartments by Kaag Resort.

All apartments have a magnificent view over the harbor and the river Leede. Attractive ingredients to buy your own apartment.

The recreation apartments vary in layout and size. Almost all apartments have a spacious terrace that is accessible through sliding doors or patio doors. The apartments without a terrace are equipped with French windows. Kaag Resort consists of 34 two and three-room apartments: varying in size from 54-120m2.


You can already buy an apartment from € 219,000 excl. VAT. von. Transfer tax, notary and cadastral costs are for the account of the seller.

All offered apartments are already furnished and in use. All WATERFRONT Apartments have a parking space on site. There is a berth for a boat for rent in the port of call for the complex. The apartments have a recreational purpose, so permanent residence is not allowed.

Are you interested in buying a WATERFRONT Apartment?

Own use or rental?
As an owner you have the option to rent out your apartment. In addition to creating a wonderful private place to stay, your apartment can also yield a good return.

Various types of rental are possible at WATERFRONT Apartments. From a weekend, midweek, a week or a longer period (short-stay). You can also rent out your apartment to friends or acquaintances. We can fully facilitate you in this.

The care for the rental is completely taken care of by an organization designated by the VVE. This organization arranges the operation and everything around billing, cleaning, daily maintenance and key management. In short, you can enjoy your 2nd home and it will also bring you something.

Personal contact
For short-term rental, WATERFRONT Apartments offers various options. Via the Online Bookings system, guests can indicate the period in which they want to stay in WATERFRONT Apartments. For any additional questions or desired services, we will personally contact the guest. This personal contact is partly to give you the guarantee that your apartment is in good hands.

Due to the large number of foreign companies, universities and High Schools in the region around WATERFRONT Apartments, there is also a great demand for temporary accommodation. Temporary (foreign) employees, guest lecturers or speakers often prefer to enjoy the freedom of an apartment compared to a hotel. WATERFRONT Apartments offers that possibility. The apartments are ideal for this.